» First School of modern Archery in Tamilnadu         » Pioneers in modern Archery Education with Recurve and Compound bows in Tamilnadu         » First School to host a spectacular Nationals in Tamilnadu         » Only School in Tamilnadu with a Level 3 Coach certified by World Archery (WA)         » First Archery School ever recognised by TAAT - The Archery Association of Tamilnadu         » Only School headed by a living legend in martial arts - Shihan Hussaini         » Only Archery School with recognised grade levels         » Only Archery School honoured and recognised by the Tamilnadu Govt.         » The director Shihan Hussaini is the Chief State Coach of Tamilnadu state and three other states         » The director Shihan Hussaini is the direct disciple of world's greatest Archery Coach - Pascal Colmaire         » The director Shihan Hussaini was the "mind coach" of the Korean National Archery team which won all the Archery Gold Medals in the Rio 2016 - Olympics        

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